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Edible Caramel Crystals From Gabriele Lucchitta

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Edible Caramel Crystals From Gabriele Lucchitta

Gabriele Lucchitta is an Italian artist who likes to create gorgeous edible caramel crystals made from sugar and everyday foods like nuts and seeds.

Lucchitta, who could be considered the 'Picasso of sugar', likes to experiment with silicone molds to give unique shapes to his edible caramel crystals. He creates everything from round caramels that look like lollipos to gorgeous sugar sculptures that resemble the shape of a quartz.

"Into a silicone rubber mould I poured the sugar mixture prepared and subsequently, I put the mould on the machine and I rotated it. The material is uniformly distributed on the sides of the mould taking shape. Angular outside and curved inside, the object obtained tells the production process from which it was born and allows to check transparency of the surfaces experimented," the artist explained on his blog.  

Watch how he creates these gorgeous edible caramel crystals in the video below. To see more of Lucchitta's work, swing by his website.

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