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Research Shows you are how you Eat. What Kind of Eater are You?

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Research Shows you are how you Eat. What Kind of Eater are You?
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It’s no longer what we eat but apparently how we eat that says more about us than we might perhaps realise according to this series of infographics. Just by studying the way in which we polish of our plate can speak volumes about our personality.

Phil Mutz from Little Things has put together the nine most common eating patterns which reveal our inner character.

We've selected four common scenarios below that you can probably identify with. From the slow eater who takes a leisurely while to polish off their plates to the fast eater who seems to inhale their food and ingest without it even touching the sides, to the intrepid eater who likes to travel off menu into the unknown otherwise known as the adventurer to the other extreme otherwise known as the organiser, who let's face it, even likes to keep order on their plate.

Each eating technique reflects the inner depths of your personality. Have a scroll down to see if you fit into any of these categories, we've quoted the key points about each of the characters .Go here to see the full list of defined ways to eat and your full character assessment. 

The Fast Eater

You're ready for dinner when everyone else is still on lunch.

"You are really great at getting things done before a deadline" but heed the warning "not to rush the good times."

The Slow Eater

You really take your time and savour every mouthful, after all what's the rush?

"You like to make the most of every moment of life" just a word of warning "be careful not to let life speed past you."

The Adventurer

You're always experimenting with new ingredients and not afraid to try something new and exotic on or off menu. 

"You'll never be accused of being boring" just bear in mind, "not everyone is as adventurous as you."

The Organizer

You like to compartmentalise your food, ideally separate food groups should be touching each other on the plate.

"You like to keep things neat and tidy and avoid messy situations at all costs" just remember to "be careful that your list-making brain doesn’t allow you to get too stressed out when things go off track."

via LittleThings

Character assessments aren't just isolated to the way you eat, but also the food you eat, including your fruit choice.

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