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Weird Pregnancy Cravings Turned Into Fine Dining Dishes

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Weird Pregnancy Cravings Turned Into Fine Dining Dishes

From a distance these look like mouth wateringly beautifully plated dishes worthy of a fine dining menu. Upon closer inspection they reveal something quite different.

That’s right, what might look like a medium steak cooked with a jus from a distance is actually steak with a dollop of ice cream on top,  a perfectly sculpted mound of mashed potato is spiralled with caramel sauce, and why not wash it all down with a gherkin cocktail for good measure?

Fortunately this is not gastronomy gone mad. It’s a unique project captured using the skills of advertising executives Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues in their new virtual Eating for Two Cookbook.

Inspired by a pregnant friend who used to sneak out in the night and feast on Oreos and toothpaste, each of their 15 documented dishes is a record of genuine cravings they heard from women around the world. The one stipulation being that it had also genuinely to have been eaten as well.

Their new cookbook also presents the full recipe to re-create these strange meals alongside highly-stylised imagery making each dish alluringly attractive, "So we decided to photograph them just as the women who crave them must see them – in a really mouth-wateringly delicious way."

If it weren’t enough to complete the dishes and document the recipes, the creative duo also sampled the dishes, "we are still haunted by some of them" they comment on their website.

Pregnant women with weird food cravings, fill your boots, The images below will show you some of the weird and wonderful ideas other pregnant women have enjoyed or endured depending on your view. Head to Eating for Two, the pregnancy cravings cookbook for more ideas, recipes and even the chance to send in your own culinary craving.

Steak with ice cream

Popcorn on a bed of sauerkraut

Mashed potato with caramel sauce

Gherkin Cocktail

Choc-olive cake

Did you know there's a Heston Blumenthal exhibition on at the Scence Museum, London all about food cravings asking one key question, can food control you?

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