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What If THIS Happened To You At The Drive Thru?

By FDL on

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What If THIS Happened To You At The Drive Thru?
Photo Funny or Die

How annoyed would you be if a passerby interrupted your drive thru order? We're not talking about a mere disruption, instead an obnoxious stranger who walks up to the microphone and changes your ENTIRE order. Yup, that's what happens in this hilarious video from Funny or Die.

Watch as 'order snipers' approach customers at the drive thru and casually speak into the microphone. It's pretty comical to see how they react to a stranger demanding ''three tomatoes for the kids'' or ''a box of lettuce on the side.'' Our personal favorite: ''Actually, can you just ancel that. I want three churros.''

This will be the funniest two minutes of your day, we promise. Watch and laugh:

Need another laugh? You'll love this epic prank about an 'invisible driver' pulling up to the drive thru. Watch how fast-food employees react when faced with an empty car that seems to drive itself. 

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