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This Device Makes Your Phone Smell Like Food

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This Device Makes Your Phone Smell Like Food
Photo Scentee

Perhaps you'd like to seduce someone with the irresistible aroma of barbecue without having to cook. Maybe you're a vegan who misses bacon every so often but would hate to give into temptation. Never fear, Scentee is here!

Scentee is a new device that makes your phone smell like food. It works in conjunction with an app to exude the intoxicating aroma of grilled meat to help you down a bowl of plain white rice. 

Developed in Japan, this extraordinary device is billed as a solution for people on a budget, women on a diet or singles looking to entice someone with the delicious aroma of food. The Scentee comes in three enticing flavors: beef, tongue and potatoes with butter. Can you say yum?

The Scentee will go on sale through Amazon on November 15th. Here's a video of this amazing device in action:

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