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Deep-Fried Tarantula Is A Thing Now

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Deep-Fried Tarantula Is A Thing Now
Photo The Bug Chef/Facebook

The buzz about edible insects has been around for a while now. We've seen delicacies like scorpion pizza, exotic bee larvae ceviche and even ants at the world's best restaurant. So deep-fried tarantula doesn't seem too far off, does it?

We all know that everything tastes better fried so perhaps that's why Seattle author David George Gordon, aka The Bug Chef,  came up with his tantalizing recipe for battered and deep-fried tarantula. That's not all - three bee salad and cricket nymph risotto also feature in his repertoire.

The Bug Chef, along with the United Nations and chefs like Alex Atala, have long argued that insects are a more efficient way of feeding of ever-growing population since they are high in protein and use up less natural resources.

So waddaya think? Would you swap fried calamari for deep-fried tarantula? We want to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Via Foodiggity | KPLU

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