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Deconstructed Sandwiches Become Gorgeous Food Art

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Deconstructed Sandwiches Become Gorgeous Food Art
Photo David Schwen

In a throw back to the TV dinner era, artist David Schwen has deconstructed sandwiches and other lunch favorites like tacos and served the individual components on a vintage lunch tray. 

Each perfectly arranged ingredient - the neatly-stacked chopped onions, carefully-laid pickles and methodically-rolled slices of roast beef - will speak to your inner neat freak. Although we've seen other artists elevate humble burgers to food art status and sandwiches into stop-motion animations, there's just something about Schwen's minimalistic approach that is strangely captivating.

The deconstructed sandwiches are part of a series he recently did for The Daily Share.  Feast your eyes on Schwen's food art below but swing by Instagram and his website to see more of his inspiring work.

Via Lost At E Minor | Foodiggity

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