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Photographer Captures 'Chaotic' Family Life

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Photographer Captures 'Chaotic' Family Life
Photo Danielle Guenther

Photographer Danielle Guenther, who is based in the New York City area, is causing quite a stir with her latest series called Best Case Scenario, a collection of fun, mostly chaotic, pictures of family life.

Her tongue-in-cheek humor comes across in everyday scenarios. A trip to the supermarket becomes a major disaster (think cereal all over the aisle), cooking dinner seems like a mission impossible and a kids' lemonade stand is a chance for moms to drink ''free'' wine.

Guenther says on her website:

"I'm a self taught photographer who loves to view the world through a child's perspective. I'm also a mother who is inspired by the energy of those little people that run our daily lives with such power, enthusiasm, and emotion. I strive to allow every moment to reveal itself through the lens in an authentic or comedic way. After all, should we really take parenting so seriously?! It's so important to capture families in their everyday life, because after starting a family, your life seems to pick up speed forever."

Below you'll find some of the food-themed images from the series but swing by Guenther's website to see the entire collection from Best Case Scenario.

Via CBS News

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