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Dad Makes Most Amazing Pancakes Ever

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Dad Makes Most Amazing Pancakes Ever

A surefire way of getting kids to eat their food is to make it playful. Nathan Shields is a stay-at-home dad who knows this all too well. Armed with pancake batter, a hot pan and a squeeze bottle he manages to create pancakes in amusing shapes like animals, Star Wars figures and even portraits of George Washington and Zack Galifianakis.

Shields is an illustrator and math teacher, which explains his knack for making artistic pancake designs. He began making creative pancakes while living in Saipan and continues the practice now that the family has relocated to Washington state. Some of his amazing designs include butterflies, dinosaurs and all of Santa's reindeer (which are pictured below).

This clever dad receives help in the kitchen from his two kids, Gryphon and Alice, who measure and mix the ingredientes (and sometimes cook along with dad).  Watch this video to see the Shield's clan in action and scroll down to check out some amazing pancake creations. To see more of Shield's pancake designs swing by his blog Saipancakes.


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