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Cute Kids Try Gourmet Ice Cream Flavors

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Cute Kids Try Gourmet Ice Cream Flavors
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

We just can't enough of these endearing videos of kids trying things new foods. The latest is the series from the Huffington Post is this brilliant video of kids sampling gourmet ice cream flavors.

So what does sweet corn and blackberry ice cream taste like to a child? The flavor completely confuses their palates and results in the most divine and totally adorable facial expressions.

Our favorite is when the kids are sampling the very-adult green tea and mochi ice cream. One of them wrinkles her nose and warns: "It better not be avocado."

Watch the video for a good laugh and don't be surprised when kids think adult ice cream tastes like ''grass.'' For more laughs, check out kids trying coffee for the first time and children tasting caviar.

Via Perez Hilton

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