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Cuisine and Confessions: A Theatrical Feast

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Cuisine and Confessions: A Theatrical Feast

Come for the circus, stay for the banana bread.

Food and theatre might not seem like a natural combination, but here's a circus troupe that manage to cook up a storm on stage whilst quite literally jumping through hoops.

Against the backdrop of a giant kitchen set, the show entitled "Cuisine and Confessions" sees seven acrobatic members (Les 7 Doigts) beat cake mix, douse flour, whip up a banana cake and generally make a song and dance out of kitchen tasks.

Using the narrative of food, the acrobatic stunts are tailored to a kitchen set: "Life happens in the kitchen. Late night confessionals over tisane and a pot of Nutella. Elaborately choreographed family meals. Lessons learned, secrets exchanged, bonds forged, reinforced by our most visceral of senses" the troup reflect on their website.

It's an unusual choice, and just goes to prove a little agility in the kitchen never goes amiss.

The show tours Switzerland and Canada from October 2016 onwards.

Catch a glimpse of their acrobatics in action below:

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