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Watch: 5 Ingenious Office Lunch Hacks

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Watch: 5 Ingenious Office Lunch Hacks

Desk-based office lunches are usually pretty uninspiring, extending to some choice tupperware and a smattering of tasty leftovers at best. At least, that's what we'd experienced until we came across these ingenious cooking hacks from Chinese vlogger Little Ye proving that office life doesn't equate to boring life when it comes to lunchtime.

Little Ye seems to have both a voracious appetite and energy come lunchtime and proves in a series of videos, which have attracted thousands of views that you can quite literally cook up a storm for lunch, from scratch, without ever having to leave the confines of the office.

Unctious noodles, kebabs and hotpots are just a few of the dishes Little Ye whips up, making light work of kneading dough and hand spinning threadlike noodles. And while her ingenious hacks, like empty drinks cans doubling up as graters and burners, are inspired, there's also something about her methodical, clean as you go approach, which works perfectly in a minimal desk space.

Just goes to show, with a little imagination, some improvisation and some equally nonchalant office colleagues, a fresh, hot, homemade lunch at your desk is entirely within reach. See Little Ye at work below.

via Munchies

Ironed beef slices anyone?

Freshly prepared noodles with the help of two aluminum drinks cans:

Hotpot a'luminium:

Probably not going to make you popular cooking inside the communal drinks tower:

Ah, now that's where the electric heater went...

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