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The Psychedelic Colour Changing Cake: Video

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The Psychedelic Colour Changing Cake: Video
Photo CharlotteSometimes/YouTube

What kind of sorcery is this? Is the question that has been on most bakers' lips since sighting this magical cake that appears to change colour as it rotates.

Uploaded by YouTube baker CharlotteSometimes back in November 2015, the cake went viral fuelling speculation on how the unusual effect had been achieved. Suggestions ranged from disbelief, with some labelling the cake a fake, to other experienced bakers commenting on clever air brushing techniques.

From one side, the cake appears yellow, orange, and red, but spin the cake around and suddenly those colors turn into purple, blue, and green. Watched on repeat the cake seems to have mesmerised a community of cake lovers, with over 500,000 people checking out her video.

Fortunately the time has finally come for CharlotteSometimes to put puzzled fans out of their misery with the unveiling of her trippy technique in a new video tutorial (see below). Time to get baking!



Take up the psychadelic baking challenge with the tutorial which is now online:

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