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Coffee-Infused Socks Refresh Your Feet

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Coffee-Infused Socks Refresh Your Feet
Photo DeaPeaJay/Flickr

Do your feet smell less than great when you take your shoes off? Well, don't stress about it. Just grab some coffee for your feet - literally.

Researchers at Ministry of Supply, a business apparel company, have discovered the secret to fresh feet is in your morning cup of joe. They've designed coffee-infused socks that can help your feet stay smelling fresh even after a long day of work.

The Atlas sock is infused with carbonized coffee grounds that naturally filter and absorb the odors. Designers used thermal energy and pressure mapping  to create a unique product that's like ''having a Brita filter in your socks.''

The video below explains how these caffeinated socks work - it's pretty interesting stuff.

Via Design Taxi

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