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The Influence of Coffee

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The Influence of Coffee

The morning coffee is a distinct ritual in the Western hemisphere especially. It is that magic elixir which helps us go from faceless zombies, pawing around the bedside table looking for the alarm switch, to presentable human beings ready for another hard day's work. 

It is no secret that coffee is one of the world's most consumed and beloved drinks. We drink coffee because it helps us concentrate, it hones our senses, it boosts our morale and our alertness, or we drink coffee for the shear pleasure and taste of it.  

What we often do not realize is the story of the coffee we drink: where it comes from, who cultivated and picked the beans, where it was processed, how far it travelled to the shelves of our supermarkets and finally into our cups.

If you too are a coffee lover (or addict) and are interested in learning more about your beloved beverage, this Coffe Tasting Club infographic is right for you. Jordan Piano gives us a greater insight into the story behind our coffee and explains why it is such an important deal in our lives, and in the world as we know it today. 

Influence of Coffee

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