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The 1 Million Coffee Bean Mosaic

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The 1 Million Coffee Bean Mosaic


An artist from Russia is claiming to have made the World’s Largest Coffee Mosaic – measured at over 30 square meters the piece of art, which depicts a young veiled woman, is made from over 1 million coffee beans.

The mosaic, called The Awakening, is on display in Gorky Park in Russia and took the artist Arkadi Kim around two weeks to make.

Each bean was weighed and roasted in different ways to achieve the desired tone and colour. It weighs 180 kg and of course fills the area with a strong smell of coffee. 

The piece is classed as the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic but only in the Russian Book of Records, after contacting The Guinness Book of Records, they told FDL that the Russian piece had not been submitted as an official record with them, however, this seems a technicality as they also told FDL the current holder of the record in their book is the Albanian artist Saimir Strati who created a mosaic of 25.18 m2  in Tirana – with the Russian mosaic measured at 30m it seems it’s a new coffee world record, just not officially.  

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