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Cloudy With A Chance of Ice Cream

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Cloudy With A Chance of Ice Cream
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If you grew up in a cold climate you probably stuck your tongue it when it snowed just to see what it would taste like. Did you ever wish snow tasted like ice cream? Well, Swedish design group Front has made that childhood fantasy come true.

Inspired by the abundance of snow in Scandinavia, they've designed ice cream cakes shaped like clouds. The clouds are dusted with color and look as if they've been made from snowflakes. The playful design is part of an advertising campaign for Haagen Dasz.

''As Scandinavians snow is an essential part of our winters. We were inspired by how the snow clouds in the north transform the landscape, we made an ice cream snow cloud that sprinkles snowflakes on your plate,” the design team explained on its website.

Finally, a weather forecast to look forward to in the winter...

Via Design Boom

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