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How to Clean The Dirtiest Stove Top with Zero Effort

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How to Clean The Dirtiest Stove Top with Zero Effort

Cleaning an oven top can be a real work up, especially if it’s been left to accumulate a thick black layer of grease and spillage over many years. It sounds awful but you’d be surprised at just how clean your stove tops looked if you could flick a switch and jump back to new.

Well, you can’t flick a magic switch but you can use this cool trick to lift of all the dirt and great on your stove grates and all you need is a ziplock bag, some ammonia, gloves and a towel.

Some of you may already know this trick but if not, it’s a god send. All you have to do is leave the tops of your stove inside ziplock bags with ammonia over night and the dirt will literally rub off immediately.

Don’t trust us on it, watch the video below from DIY Super Mum who shows you just how easy it is. Be careful with ammonia, it’s corrosive, you should where gloves and make sure not to breath it in - you’ll certainly know about it if you do.

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