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City in the Sky - Imaginary Dining Destination

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City in the Sky - Imaginary Dining Destination
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City in the Sky is an imaginary world formed by towers shaped like flowers that hover above cities like New York and London, forming a sort of mega-metropolis.

The towers are shaped like a lotus flower, which always flourishes regardless of its less-than-perfect environment. The idea for a city in the sky came from the purity that the lotus flower embodies. City in the Sky was conceived as part Megatropolis, a project in which architects and artists from around the world were asked to come up with their vision for a city of the future.

Although City in the Sky is only a concept, the idea of living and dining in the sky is alluring, especially if it means escaping the pollution and traffic from the city below. The video below will take you on a tour of this imaginary city, full of greenery and sky-high parks that would be perfect for a summer picnic. Will we ever dine in a city in a sky? We're not sure, but we can always dream...


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