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A Scary Idea: Chocolate Mini Skulls

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A Scary Idea: Chocolate Mini Skulls

From the time of Aztec Empire to the voyages of the Spanish conquistadors and beyond, chocolate has captured the imagination of many. Full of antioxidants and mood-lifting chemicals, the product of cacao beans is rightfully called food of the Gods (theobroma in Greek).

Exhibited in many forms ranging from the humble candy bar to elegant sculptures, chocolate is facing a renaissance at the hands of Ruth and Sira García Trigueros, twin sisters from Spain who are graphic designers by trade and anarchist chocolatiers, as of lately.

Not content with just creating art on paper or the web, the sisters opted to revolutionize the food landscape by making edible skulls out of chocolate. Their chocolate skulls are hand crafted and filled with crispy cornflakes or walnuts, and are available in white, milk or dark chocolate. Each treat is carefully wrapped in an elegant package and delivered right to your door.

The item has quickly gone sold out, but have a look at their Etsy shop to check out all their creations.

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