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Artistic Chef Masks Inspired by Food

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Artistic Chef Masks Inspired by Food
Photo Zim and Zou

Here at FDL, we appreciate thoughtful food art so when we came across these phenomenal chef masks we had to do a double take. 

Inspired by the works of the great Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the masks are simply stunning. They are made of items that resemble onions, peas, asparagus, ham on the bone and strawberries.

The chef masks were created on the ocassion of the 30th anniversary of the Au Bon Gite restaurant in France. Each mask is a reflection of the special bimonthly menu designed to celebrate the ocassion.

More: Do you have an appetite for Arcimboldo-style art? If so, you'll enjoy these recipes for fruit and flower aspic and fish soup.

Via Zim and Zou


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