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Customers Shocked by What Happens at The Checkout

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Customers Shocked by What Happens at The Checkout

Imagine your’e just about to check your food through the tills at your local store when the place is plunged into darkness, a beat boxer appears and the entire checkout crew starts to play jingle bells using the beeps of their scanners.

It might sound totally crazy but this exactly what happened recently at a supermarket in Germany when shoppers were surprised to see the store completely change in seconds and all the staff start playing Jingle Bells.

The hip-hop style rendition of the famous Christmas song sees the shoppers slowly start to shuffle on the spot, surprised, shocked but obviously happy at what’s happening.

It’s hard to know if the people are actors or real customers out for their weekly shop but their reactions certainly seem genuine. Perhaps they could have also used some of these musical beer bottles for better harmony. 

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