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Cool Food Design: Ceramics Under The Knife

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Cool Food Design: Ceramics Under The Knife

The phrase 'going under the knife' normally brings to mind visions of blood and stitches but Beccy Ridsdel, an artist based in the United Kingdom, has given a whole new meaning to surgery. She's produced a whimsical set of ceramics that have been 'surgically altered.'

Ridsdel perfumed 'surgery' on bone china plates and cups. Each work of art that reveals a colorful flowery interior when sliced open. Her body of work is meant as "an ongoing examination regarding the perception of ceramics as craft or art," This Is Colossal reports.

You can see more of Ridsdel's work on her Facebook page or swing by her online shop to purchase her artistic ceramics. If you like cool ceramics, we recommend you check out these interesting plates that are redefining dining.

Via This is Colossal

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