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How to Carve a Pumpkin: Make Your Own Jack-O-Lantern

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How to Carve a Pumpkin: Make Your Own Jack-O-Lantern
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It’s a great excuse to invite friends over: have everyone bring a pumpkin and have a carving party. Kids love it, and you can eat the leftovers!

What you’ll need:
A short, well-sharpened knife
A teaspoon
A soup spoon
A pen
A tea light or votive candle
Lots of newspaper to protect from mess
Bowl for seeds and pulp
A well-shaped pumpkin!

Cut a circle around the stalk and create a lid.
Using the soup spoon and knife, scoop out the flesh and seeds.
Using the pen, draw the face you want to create. Go as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Remember, it’s time to get goulish!
Carefully cut out the features. Instead of using long slices, it’s better to use short, puncturing motions.
Very gently, use the teaspoon to thin out the flesh of the features so it’s only 1cm thick.
Create a space at the bottom for a candle by cutting a circle with the knife and hollowing it out with a teaspoon.
Place the lighted candle inside, put the lid back on your Jack-O-Lantern and put it facing out of a window or on your doorstep to “scare” away any evil spirits!

To maintain the freshness of your Jack-O-Lantern, and keep the face from shriveling, spread a bit of petroleum jelly around the cut areas.

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