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Food and Art: A Car Submerged in Milk

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Food and Art: A Car Submerged in Milk

We've all felt the panic that spilt milk can cause - a mad dash for the cloth knowing that if it's not cleaned in the next 26 seconds it's sure to smell for the next five-years. Well imagine how long it would take to clean the spilt milk in this car.

Designer and artist Ivan Puig has created the illusion of car sinking in milk. The installation, titled Hasta Las Narices (Fed up with), works by placing the top of a Volkswagen Sedan in a white room with white floor giving a very realistic illusion of a car almost fully submerged in milk.

The car is part of a 3 pieces installation, one of which is a glass where a man and the car are floating in the milk.  The same scene, different points of view.

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