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Beautiful Revealing Pictures of California's Salt Ponds

By FDL on

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Beautiful Revealing Pictures of California's Salt Ponds

Check out these wonderful pictures of the salt ponds of South Bay in California showing the changes in the salt ponds for the past 15 years.

The project is the work of Charles Benton, professor of architecture at UC Berkely, who flies kites fitted with cameras over the salt ponds to capture his images at around 400ft.

He says his relatively low cost process of capturing the images can reveal a ‘surprising amount of useful information’. He has documented the growth of vegetation over many years in particular ponds and the images are currently being used to try and develop 3D maps.

On top of the useful research side of the project, the images Benton captures from his hi-tech set up are truly beautiful. You can see them below and read more about how exactly he captures the shots here.

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