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This Is Actually Cake, Honestly!

By FDL on

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This Is Actually Cake, Honestly!

At first glance it may appear that you’re taking a freshly heated Japanese meal from the microwave, take a closer look and you’ll quickly realise that what you’re looking at is actually a cake.

Cakes disguised as bowls of noodles, dumplings, tenshindon (a traditional Japanese dish of rice wrapped in omelette) - all of them looking much more like the plates they emulate than the cakes they actually are.

Ramen is broken to reveal a classic mont blanc dessert, the dumplings are actually apple pies and the tenshindon is hiding a chunky slab a chocolate cake.

As crazy as these creations might seem, the idea of disguising cake to look like something else is nothing new. Here’s some recipes for cactus cakes and some pics of a cake that looks like a train.

Here's a video with a closer inspection of the cakes. 

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