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The Buddhist Temple Built From 1 Million Beer Bottles

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The Buddhist Temple Built From 1 Million Beer Bottles
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In Thailand, tucked away near the Cambodian border, there's a Buddhist temple like none other in the world. It's a peaceful place for prayer and soul searching but there's an aspect that makes this temple incredibly unique: it was built using one million beer bottles.

Recycled beer bottles line the walls, roof and balconies of the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple located in the town of Khun Han. It should come as no surprise the temple also goes by the moniker of Wat Lan Kuad (The Temple of a Million Bottles).

It all began back in 1984 when the monks started collecting empty beer bottles. They found the bottles were easy to clean, preserved their color and provided good lighting, according to The Telegraph.

So far, the monks have collected over 1.5 million bottles of Heineken and Chang (Thai beer) to build a complex of 20 buildings. The buildings are also made of concrete but are fortified and lined with bottles. Leftover beer bottles are used for mosaics.

In case you are wondering, the monks don't drink the beer. They use only discarded bottles and are currently collecting more for future projects.

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