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Brussels Sprouts Power a Christmas Tree

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Brussels Sprouts Power a Christmas Tree
Photo © The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair


Offer a kid Brussels sprouts and that's most likely the response you'll get. These mini cabbages are one of the most hated vegetables in the world but a few youngsters in the United Kingdom are on a mission to make Brussels sprouts the most awesome veggies ever. How? They've invented a Brussels sprouts battery that can light up a Christmas tree.

The battery is powered with over 1,000 sprouts which light up 100 LEDs. Their cool invention is being displayed at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair, according to Tree Hugger.

© The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair 

"The battery was created using five power cells, each holding 200 sprouts, producing 63 volts from the 1,000 Brussels sprouts (this comes into the extra low voltage category – like a telephone – and is safe to touch). Copper and Zinc electrodes are placed in each Brussels sprout to create a chemical reaction between the electrodes, generating a current which can be stored and used to power the LEDs on the tree. The power is stored in a capacitor and released through 100 high efficiency LEDs. The Big Bang scientists are able to monitor the voltage on a separate display, which shows how much energy is being produced by the sprouts," according to a press release.

Via Tree Hugger

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