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Breathable Chocolate Shots = Just 1 Calorie

By FDL on

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Breathable Chocolate Shots = Just 1 Calorie

We've all heard the saying breath of fresh air - but perhaps not so frequently "breath of fresh chocolate air". Well that may soon change as a company has launched a chocolate shot that is consumed by breathing it in.

At first we assumed it was a joke or some clever marketing ploy from a chocolate company but it seems that this product is in fact genuine.

Users are meant to breath in chocolate and coffee flavored pods which give them all the flavor of the food with none of the calories.

It's a strange idea and one we're not too sure will catch on - who knows - maybe one day we'll all breath our dinner.

You can buy the Le Whiff choclate dispenser over at Think Geek for $9.99.

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