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Fun Sculptures Pair Honeycombs with Bread, Pretzels and More

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Fun Sculptures Pair Honeycombs with Bread, Pretzels and More

Who hasn't enjoyed a drizzle of honey over some toast? This divine combination isn't just delicious but it has also inspired Bread + Honey, an exhibit of natural sculptures made from different types of bread and honeycombs.

These unconventional bread and honey sculptures were the result of a unique collaboration between Italian artist Giorgia Mocilnik, Melbourne-based Honey Fingers Studio in Melbourne and honey bees (yes, actually European honeybees otherwise known as apis mellifera).

The artists provided the bees with an edible canvas (i.e. the bread) from which they did what they do best: build honeycombs. The results are stunning sculptures that highlight the bees' adaptability and showcase the beauty of their natural craftsmanship.

Bread + Honey is composed of 12 sculptures on display at Hotel Hotel’s Cabinet of Curiosities in Canberra, Australia. The exhibit runs until March 20th.  

All images courtesy of Tom Ross from Brilliant Creek. If you like what you see then you'll enjoy this amazing honeycomb teapot created using a similar technique.

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