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This Lady Is Famous For Smashing Her Face in Bread

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This Lady Is Famous For Smashing Her Face in Bread
Photo Bread Face Blog/Instagram

Introducing Bread Face

The internet is full of fads but one in particular that has caught the attention of many is breadfacing - the act of rolling your face in bread. We're not kidding!

The woman who started this trend has an anonymous Instagram account called BreadFaceBlog where she posts videos of her breadfacing everything from cornbread and Hawaiian rolls to bagels, focaccia and naan. So far, she has amassed tens of thousands of followers.

It may sound weird but once you see her doing it it's almost like you can't stop watching. She sets the scene by playing cool music in the background, presenting the bread to the camera and sits down calmly before rolling her face over and over again on her chosen bread.

Her videos are so popular they even caught the attention of the New York Times who ran a profile on her. The blogger doesn't want to reveal her identity so all we know is that she is a 27-year old copywriter from Brooklyn.


Most of us are left wondering why on Earth someone would want to smash their face in bread but some bold souls have given it a try in the name of journalism.

Allison P. Davis from The Cut gave it a go and this is her take: 

"Truthfully, I didn't understand Breadface's love of breadfacing until the Wonder Bread. I put the whole loaf out and let my face flop into it like it was my pillow. It compressed immediately into a squishy little face-mattress. I rested my forehead there for a while and felt something like — inner peace? Ecstasy?"

The Guardian's Adam Gabbatt also tested the allure of breadfacing. He writes, "The experience was surprisingly refreshing, like lying face-first on a cool pillow."

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