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Dudes Turn Old Car Into A Brazilian BBQ Pit

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Dudes Turn Old Car Into A Brazilian BBQ Pit
Photo Wolks Gruppe Garibaldi

Sometimes you love a car too much to get rid of it. Who cares of it's pretty beat up? There must be some use for it, right? Well, that's just what some dudes were thinking when they set out to transform a junk car into a Brazilian barbecue pit.

The fellows at Wolks Gruppe Garibaldi in Brazil breathed new life into rear-engine Volkswagen Brasilia by outfitting the trunk with a state-of-the-art pit where they could grill meats.

To operate you simply crank up the engine, stick the meat into the designated slots and watch them rotate as they become juicy and tender. Who knew an old car could produce something so delicioius?

Watch how the unique Brazilian barbecue pit in action:

Via Neatorama

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