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These Designers Want To Feed You Bread Balloons

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These Designers Want To Feed You Bread Balloons
Photo Omer Polak & Michal Evyatar

Bread just got a radically awesome makeover thanks to a new machine that inflates dough to make it appear like a balloon. The technique is made possible thanks to a gadget called Blow Dough, which was developed by Jerusalem-based designers Omer Polak and Michal Evyatar, in collaboration with chef Erez Komorovsky.

Blow Dough works just like a hair dryer except that it can reach temperatures of 1112°F (600C°), which allows the dough to bake as it inflates. To make the bread balloons, you simply roll out the dough onto a wooden countertop and place a perforated metal sheet over it. The Blow Dough is placed under a countertop and blow airs into a small tunnel leading to the flattened dough sitting on top. 

In order to produce colorful bread balloons, the designers substituted water in the dough recipe with juices made from carrots, beets and spinach. As a finishing touch they sprinkled local herbs over the dough, which produced a fragrant aroma when it was being blown up.

"The process included many experiments in the workshops kitchen. it was a great challenge to succeed in creating dough that is very flexible and can also come thin for baking and the eating experience. we worked almost like scientists, we wrote time, quantities, and temperature that we could produce the exact dough," the designers said.

Here's a cool video of their bread balloon experiment presented during Jerusalem Design Week:

Via Design Boom

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