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The Rather Weird 'BBQ & Soda' Combination

By FDL on

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The Rather Weird 'BBQ & Soda' Combination

The Big Red Soda Company have been causing internet chatter for the past few days since they announced their latest product that combines their bubble gum soda with BBQ.

The over the top and fortunately humorous video shows people opening their bottle only to reveal a hidden compartment to get their BBQ meat fix. It's odd, beware, it's very odd.

Big Red are touting the new product in two flavors, Big Red and brisket and Big Red Zero and chicken - obviously the lighter option of the two.

Fortunately, after reaching the end of this video you'll probably reach the same, 'viral stunt', conclusion heard shouted around FDL HQ, however, it's worth remebering they're the same people who yelled 'viral stunt' upon hearing of Pizza Hut's new pizza perfume, that is, until I came to the office dressed in my tighest shirt, looking fresh and smelling of stuffed crust supreme.



Via Food Beast

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