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Mc-Marry-Me: Super Awkward Big Mac Proposal

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Mc-Marry-Me: Super Awkward Big Mac Proposal

A beautiful restaurant, the recreation of your first dish together, the perfect view - food often plays a big role in a wedding proposal with people going to great lengths to provide their lover with the perfect setting to pop the question.

It should be special, I’m sure you’ll all agree with that, maybe even magical, it certainly should be memorable and let’s not forget, the person you’re proposing to wants to cherish that moment and tell all their friends about it for years to come.

If only the guy in this next video had been given some of this advice before he set about proposing to his girlfriend by hiding a ring in the top of a Mcd’s chicken sandwich.

We quite like the spontaneity of the whole thing but his girl is certainly not impressed, after checking it’s not a joke she sets about explaining that she can’t possibly marry him.

Just watch the video and tell us on Facebook what you think, is it a fake? Should she have said yes? Would it have been different if he’d used a McRib?

Don't worry, he explains on You Tube that they decided to wait a little longer until it's time to get engaged.

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