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These Crystalized Alcoholic Drinks Will Blow Your Mind

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These Crystalized Alcoholic Drinks Will Blow Your Mind
Photo BevShots

These images from Lester Hutt will show you a side of alcohol you've never seen before. Each picture captures the fascinating beauty of crystalized cocktails, liquor, beer and wine that's not apparent to the naked eye.

To shoot the images, the alcohol was set on a slide and allowed to crystalize. The slides were then photographed using a polarized light microscope with a camera attached. This technique revealed captivating patterns in vibrant colors that are modern art masterpieces.

Known as BevShots, this type of art blends art and science.  You can see the full range of pictures over at the BevShots website and pick out prints and products adorned with some the intricate patterns you'll see below.

Check them out and get ready to have your mind blown:

Piña Colada


Dirty Martini



Bloody Mary

Via My Modern Met

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