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A Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

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A Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi
We’ve all done it. You don’t want a sandwich, a salad just won’t cut it and there’s nothing in the hot counter that takes your fancy but the sushi box you saw on the way into the store seemed ok, didn’t it? 
Store bought sushi, it never quite lives up to your expectations or the often hefty price tag it carries. You’re fine, you eat it, throw away the packaging and mini soy sauce container and put it down to yet another bad store sushi, but how would you react if your were a sushi chef? 
How would you react to those sorry, soggy excuses of nigiri if Sushi was your daily business? Your skill? Your, some would argue, art form? That’s exactly the question Buzzfeed have asked and answered with this fun video in which they ask a real life sushi chef exactly what he thinks about a mix of different store bought sushis. 
Watch as this sushi chef tries a number of different sushi boxes and offers up his own harsh rating system of five stars. He seems totally disgusted by some of the rice on offer. 
Take a look. 

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