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Bento Box Art Spreads to The West

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Bento Box Art Spreads to The West
Decoben or kodwari refers to the art of decorating bento boxes and requires more than a few flower carrots as garnish, as you can see from the pictures below. 
It’s become so popular in Japan and online that it’s now spreading outside the country with many westerners starting to practice the colourful food art.
One of these people is Mike Kravanis who says he fell in love with kyaraben, a form of Bento art that sees people create vivid, cute cartoons using the food in the box. 
In manga-esque style the Kravanis has produced a great selection of bento art with panda’s, Wall-E and even Roger Rabbit making an appearance. 
Take a look at some of his work below and see more over on his Instagram page. 
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