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Hands Off! Ben & Jerrry's Designs Ice Cream Lock

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Hands Off! Ben & Jerrry's Designs Ice Cream Lock
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Are you tired of hiding your pint of ice cream in the back of the freezer only to find out someone ate it? Never again! Ben & Jerry's ice cream gurus have developed a lock specifically designed to keep peole out of your pint.

Ben & Jerry's ''Euphori-lock'' ensures the highest level of ice cream safety. The combination lock fits right onto your pint, keeping sneaky hands away. The inspiration behind the cool ''Euphori-lock'' came from a Ben & Jerry's ice cream fan. We wonder how they got the idea...

If your biggest concern with ice cream isn't theft, what about getting a spoon that uses body heat to melt rock-hard ice cream? Or buying a smart fridge that tells you when you've indulged a bit too much in your favorite frozen treat. 

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