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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cemetery

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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cemetery
Photo Kathryn Rotondo/Flickr

It's hard to say goodbye. Especially when it comes to ice cream flavors you'll never again get a chance to savor. Ben & Jerry's knows just how to soothe an aching soul and offers mourning ice cream lovers a chance to pay their respects to their favorite long-gone favorites in their Flavor Graveyard.

Sitting a top a grassy knoll overlooking the Ben & Jerry's production plant, the Flavor Graveyard is the final resting place of departed flavors like Sugar Plum, Rainforest Crunch and Wild Maine Blueberry. Visitors to the ice cream cemetery often leave a bouquet by their favorite retired flavor, some are even seen kneeling before the headstone.

But it's not all gory, after all, this is Ben & Jerry's we're talking about. The quirky ice cream company adds a touch of humor to their graveyard with funny epitaphs like this one for their Oh Pear flavor, which was retired the same year it hit the market: ''Oh Pear, Oh Pear, a mixture of mirth, all nannies did weep, when you left of this earth.''

If you can't make it to the Ben & Jerry's headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont, then take a virtual tour of the ice cream cemetery. Now, may we have a moment of silence...

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