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Behold The Pancake-Making Robot (Video)

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Behold The Pancake-Making Robot (Video)
Photo PancakeBot

Breakfast just got a lot more fun thanks to this nifty robot that makes artistic pancakes. The PancakeBot, which debuted at the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend, makes pancakes shaped like everything from the Eiffel Tower and Mickey Mouse ears to a galloping horse. 

Invented by Norway-based designer Miguel Valenzuela, the Pancake Bot "aims to help kids inspire kids to create and have fun with their food as well as develop interests in engineering, programming and food manufacturing," according to the company website. Coincidentally, it makes for a more awesome breakfast.

This is the second prototype developed by Valenzuela (the first being a "LEGO" version) and it's a pretty sophisticated machine. The new and improved PancakeBot uses "two stepper motors,  two belt drives and a vacuum pump for better batter control, Eater reports. The PancakeBot is scheduled to make it's next public appearance at the Paris Maker Faire on June 21-22.

Check out the awesome pancake robot in action below. In the first video the robot makes intricate pancakes designed like the Eiffel tower, in the second Valenzuela explains how the galloping horse pancakes came to be:

Via Eater

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