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The One Thing You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer

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The One Thing You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer

Here's one thing you can do with beer you probably never thought of: just tap it to your computer to watch a free movie. 

The clever invention is the work of Aleksandr Semenov, an app developer and CEO of Russian design studio Heads and Hands. Semenov was inspired by a campaign from Grolsch beer which allowed customers to watch movies online after entering a promotional code printed on the bottle.

In order to kick things up a notch, Semenov applied the use of Bluetooth beacon technology. By inserting the beacon under each bottle cap, beer drinkers can tap the bottle against a computer or any other mobile device that is Bluebooth enabled and ''unlock'' movies online. 

While watching free movies online is fun, Semenov has bigger plans for his invention. He hopes the Bluetooth-enabled beer bottles can be used as a type of credit card in the future. That means you'll be able to pay for pizza with just the tap of a beer. Cool!

"It’s so amazingly simple, I still can’t believe I’ve done it," Semenow says. Watch how it works:

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