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Strange Brew: Beer Made From A Beard

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Strange Brew: Beer Made From A Beard
Photo The Kitchn

American craft brewery Rogue Ales is developing a beer using yeast from their brewmaster's beard, which has been growing since 1978. Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. As unappetizing as it may sound, the idea of making beer from beard yeast was not something the brewers expected.

Commonly, the brewery sends hops to the lab in hopes of finding a yeast strain for beer production. When their last lab results were a bust, they sent follicles of brewmaster John Maier's beard for analysis as a joke, according to Beer Pulse. It turned out the beard (which John has vowed to never cut off) contained a unique strain of yeast that was not being used by Rogue but is suitable for beer making. Thus, the idea for beard beer was born. 

The Kitchn reports the brewers are still searching for the perfect recipe for the new beard beer. Called the New Crustacean, the beer is set to hit the market in early 2013. Would you drink beard beer?

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