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Artist Creates Stunning Beehive Sculptures

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Artist Creates Stunning Beehive Sculptures
Photo Ren Ri/This Is Colossal

There's been much buzz about bees recently - from Obama's task force to prevent their extinction to exciting new projects like beer made with bee larvae. However, nothing will take your breath away like these stunning beehive sculptures from artist Ren Ri.

Ri, who is also a beekeeper, builds a framework of wooden dowels and place the queen at its center. Slowly, the rest of the hive is introduced and work together to build a hive around the queen. But unlike traditional hives, this one features the unexpected element of surprise: a roll of a die that determines the direction in which the beehive will be rotated.

Once the sculpture is rotated the bees adapt and disperse around the new shape to continue building the rest of the hive. Although the shape of the final beehive is striking, what's even more remarkable is the adaptability of these creatures and how well they do when faced with changes in gravity.

Check out some of Ri's amazing work below and swing by his website for more of his fascinating work.

Via This Is Colossal

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