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Bear Calmly Steals Restaurant's Bin

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Bear Calmly Steals Restaurant's Bin

We've heard of dumpster diving and freeganism at FDL HQ but this video posted by the Denver Post which shows an animal on a late night dumpster loot, takes the idea to an entirely new level.

It shows a bear on a late night dumpster forage at a German restaurant but instead of bothering to cause the mess of throwing rubbish all over the ground for the cleaners to pick up in the morning, this polite minded animal decides to take the entire bin.

And whoever said animals aren't fussy about what they eat? Instead of the rather ill mannered messy carnage you may expect from a late night impostor in your bins this real life Yogi The Bear takes a quick look inside the first bin before then slowly moving it aside for what is obviously a better haul.

The bear then calmly retreats from where it came with bin in hand. Take a look for yourself.

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