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This Food Art is Quite Literally Bananas

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This Food Art is Quite Literally Bananas

Every now and then we come across artists that have been inspired by their fondness for bananas, where the slippery yellow skin knows no bounds as their canvas of choice.

We've seen tattooed bananas, bananas with celebrity makeovers, pictures carved into bananas and that's just for starters. In short, banana art knows no bounds. 

Artist Vera Wong is the brains behind this next collection of banana art capturing pop and film icons on the peel. More recently Wong has got even more inventive making paper props to supplement her banana portraits. 

Check out some of the stars below and see if you can identify who they are. Have a look at her tumblr account for more. And before you ask, yes, she does eat all the bananas when she's done.

If all this talk of the tropical fruit is driving you bananas here are five recipes that will help satiate your craving.

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