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Penguin or Banana?

By FDL on

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Penguin or Banana?

We've already looked at the world of banana art a number of times at FDL but whenever we think the movement of drawing directly on to the fruit is starting to slow, we find another project from yet another banartist.

The latest artist to get creative with bananas is Jurgen Steenwelle, a graphic designer from the Netherlands who has created over 40 different banana pieces for his daughter's lunch.

Speaking bout is approach to banana art with The Huffington Post, Steenwelle said: "For me the main criterion for the drawing on the banana is the shape of the banana. The shape (and sometimes the color) is the leading and the essential part of the drawing. I take the time to look at the shape, the curves, and try to imagine what it (partly) reminds me of, what has the same shape or contours more of less. The next step is to draw it as precisely as possible on the banana with a normal ballpoint-pen".

It's led to some pretty amazing creations like the banana penguin seen above and a collection of pieces seen below.


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