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Now You Can Make Your Own Bacon Earrings

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Now You Can Make Your Own Bacon Earrings
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If you are a pork aficionado you know that bacon is the ultimate accessory. But if bacony silk scarves and bacon-scented candles won't give you that authentic look you are hoping for, how about making your own bacon earrings?

Sure, there are plenty of earrings on the market that look like bacon but we're talking about using real bacon to make a fashion statement. If this sounds like a DIY project you'd like to try this video tutorial is all you'll need.

Let Instructables member ComposiMold show you the step-by-step process of turning real bacon strips into gorgeous meaty earrings that will make anyone hungry. You'll need a hot glue gun, molds, a power drill, brushes and, of course, real bacon. Take a look:

WATCH: How To Make Bacon Earrings From Real Bacon

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