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Meet the Two-Year-Old with His Own Cooking Show

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Meet the Two-Year-Old with His Own Cooking Show

Roman is a toddler with a passion for baking, or licking the bowl, we can’t quite decide, and his mum has decided to set him up with his very own cooking channel called 'Roman's Cooking Corner’!

She said, “I hope you enjoy watching it as much as he did making this cake!! If you have any future recipes you'd like to see Roman make, be sure to comment below.”

Roman, who is just two, gets stuck in to his first recipe for cake as he presents each ingredient. He has some help on the hard stuff, like cracking eggs, and there’s obviously some vocal prompts, but the little dude is loving it.

Some will surely question the need for a parent to publish and license a cute video of their child, but this is the world we now live in, expect Roman to feature on Baby Master Chef soon. There's certainly no denying, he's got more charm than many on screen presenters. 

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